Double FF Design collaborates with clients on both residential and small commercial projects. Whether it's for one room or many, design solutions are aimed to satisfy the project program and budget of each client. Double FF Design prefers the challenge and satisfaction of using existing materials where possible, reducing waste, and repurposing spaces and elements for a new role. All services are billed by the hour, giving clients the flexibility to control the scope of the design collaboration and empowering them to make and monitor their unique design goals and budget perimeters.




  • Architectural Colors and Finishes: interior and exterior
  • "Hardscaping": flooring, wall covering, countertop, cabinetry
  • Lighting: location, style, function
  • Space Planning: traffic flow, use requirements, storage solutions
  • Furniture and Fixtures: style, arrangement, compatibility
  • Custom Design: storage, workstations
  • Art and Accessories: style, placement

Geischeker: Guest Bedroom, SF